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Our website management tool GREYD.Hubs reduces your administration and management effort by a lot. It makes it very easy to manage as many websites as you like in one central backend.

GREYD.Hub Dashboard

How Can I Import or Export a Website?

This video shows you the GREYD.Hub dashboard. Here, you not only get a perfect overview of all important information about your websites. You will also find several import and export features including a one-click website migration.

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Import, export, design settings, media, website migration, domain migration, data base, tables, multi site, installation, set-up, add / create website, overview, reset, activate GREYD.SUITE, information

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How Do I Make Backups in GREYD.SUITE?

GREYD.Hub enables you to make back-ups of entire installations, pages, tables or only certain website elements with just a few clicks. You can see all your back-ups in a structured dashboard. Learn how it works in this video.

Covered topics
Back-up, secure data, export, tables, installation, design settings, media, multisite

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Database Tables

How Do I Manage Tables in GREYD.Hub?

Learn here, how easy it is to import, export or delete tables easily with GREYD.Hub. You can also change values of several websites in a global dashboard.

Covered topics
Export, upload tables, change values, SSL, prefix, blog ID, admin, domain, delete tables

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Multisite Connector

How Do I Connect Several Websites / Multisites?

With our Multisite Connector you can easily connect all your GREYD.SUITE websites in one central system – no matter whether they are individual single site installations or even several multisites.

Covered topics
Multisite, sync content, manage projects, single site installation, manage websites, Global Search, headless

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Why is a preview not always displayed for every website?

This is due to the server settings – depending on what is set there, these prevent the display of a preview in the hub.

The GREYD.Hub import doesn’t work?

Depending on which web browser you use, there are a few things you should have in mind:

  • Some browsers automatically unzip zip-files. You can change this behavior in the browser setting. This is necessary, since otherwise GREYD.Hub will not recognize the files for example when importing an entire website.
  • Our theme & template library offers you dedicated design downloads for the web browser Safari. They contain zip files which you need to unzip to get the .date design file to import. Please be aware, that your file system might automatically change the file name if you already have a file with the same name.

Why does my license key disappear after a GREYD.Hub import?

Depending on the kind of import your website database is overwritten, which is why you can’t see your license key any more. However, it is still valid and registered for your domain. To make adjustments, just enter your license key again.

The links in GREYD.Hub do not work?

From GREYD.Hub, you can get directly to the Customizer, set-up page as well as the dashboard of your websites via links. However, if you are using redirects or plugins that hide the login area of your website, these links may not work properly as long as you are not logged in on the respective websites.

How can I use child themes?

GREYD.SUITE enables you to work with child themes as usual. Just make sure that your child theme’s name contains “GREYD.SUITE”. When switching to a child theme, your design settings will be reset. With our GREYD.Hub you can make a back-up before that with just one click and import your design settings to your child theme very easily.

Why can’t I see the Customizer and GREYD.Hub?

Please check your WordPress user role. You can only use the Customizer as an administrator and need to be administrator (for single sites) or super administrator (for multi sites) to use GREYD.Hub.

Can I export my Customizer settings?

Yes, all settings made in the Customizer can be exported and imported onto other websites very easily via the GREYD.Hub. For multi sites you need to have the WordPress user role super administrator. Learn more about GREYD.Hub.

How long does it take to migrate a website to another domain?

With GREYD.Hub, a website migration does not take more than 60 seconds no matter if you want to change your hosting provider or switch domains. You don’t even need to handle complicated SQL queries. A few clicks are all you need to do. Learn here how it works.