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GREYD.SUITE offers you various interfaces to external tools like CRM systems or newsletter tools. Connecting those tools is super easy and does not require technical know-how.


How Do I Connect My Forms with Salesforce?

GREYD.Forms enables you to connect your CRM with just a few clicks. This short tutorial shows you how to connect a form with Salesforce.

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Salesforce, CRM, leads, lead generation, fields, organisation ID, settings, interface

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How Do I Send Form and Shop Data to HubSpot?

With our HubSpot integration you can create recipients in HubSpot automatically from form entries and add them to your mailing lists. Data from your WooCommerce shop, such as orders, can also be sent to HubSpot very easily.

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HubSpot, CRM, leads, lead generation, fields, settings, interface, WooCommerce, data, lists, recipients, newsletter, shop, API, orders

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Newsletter Interfaces

How Do I Connect Forms with my Newsletter Tool?

With GREYD.Forms, it is possible to create recipients in your newsletter tools directly from form entries and add them to your mailing lists. Watch this video to learn, how easy it is and which possibilities you have got in terms of data protection.

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Newsletter, leads, lead generation, fields, settings, interface, data, lists, recipients, opt-in, mailing, API, Mailchimp, Rapidmail

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WooCommerce Shop

How do I make my website a web shop?

With the improved integration of WooCommerce in GREYD.SUITE, you have a lot more possibilities in terms as usual in WordPress: individuelle layouts for shop and product pages, direct checkout buttons, global design settings and much more. Learn here, how to implement your individual WooCommerce shop in GREYD.SUITE without coding or CSS.

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WooCommerce, shop, product page, account, cart, shopping, checkout, login, product images, shop message, order, zoom, lightbox, price, ratings, similar / upselling products, Germanized, payment

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WooCommerce – Layout & Content

How do I design shop & product pages?

In this video, we show you how to create individual post overviews, templates and pages to display your WooCommerce shop content – without coding or CSS.

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Shop page, overview, product pages, account, post overview for products, WooCommerce templates, ajax button, direct checkout, cart link

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Page Speed Optimization

How Do I Get a Faster Website?

With GREYD.SUITE you get fast websites automatically. Additionally, we offer you many options to further improve your page speed very easily. Learn here how to improve the loading times for your website with just a few clicks.

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Loading time, Google page speed insights, fast websites, lazy load for images & animations, Lottie library, Autoptimize integration

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Where do I find the opt-in and opt-out link?

If you activate the double opt-in procedure in the email settings of your form, an opt-in link will automatically be sent in the verification email. You can also add the opt-in link manually by copying the dynamic element [opt_in_link] from the left and add it to your email text. According to the same principle, you can also add an opt-out link to the confirmation email. Depending on the current status of a form entry, you will also find the links under Forms > Settings to copy and resend them when clicking on a particular form entry.