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Congratulations! With GREYD.SUITE you've got an all-in-one WordPress suite with which you can create any type of website easily. Learn about important features of GREYD.SUITE.

Installation & Set-up

How Do I Install GREYD.SUITE?

This video shows you the simple steps from installing GREYD.SUITE to initially setting up your website and activating your license key.

Note: Some browsers unzip files automatically. To prevent that, you might need to check you browser settings.

Covered topics
Installation, wizard, basic settings, design, plugins, templates, license keys, delete default content, analytics, tracking codes, remove watermark, dashboard, example page, reset options, activation, page speed, lazy load, updates, use website template / theme

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Gutenberg in GREYD.SUITE

How Does the Editor Work?

This video shows you how to get along with the new WordPress editor. We show you some handy tips & tricks and explain some specialities of the block editor in GREYD.SUITE.

Covered topics
Pagebuilder, block editor, live preview, view mode, add a block, drag & drop, reusables, pattern, GREYD Editor Helper, Dynamic Templates, list mode, settings, keyboard short cuts, visual editor, code editor, spotlight mode, fullscreen mode, toolbar, copy content

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Template Library

How Does the Template Library Work?

This video shows you how you can download templates super fast directly from the backend to significantly accelerate your page building process. Whether patterns, templates for forms, popups or entire websites – with our integrated template library, it only takes a few clicks.

Covered topics
Full site templates, Download design settings, Partial templates (forms, popups, pages, etc.), Patterns, Create custom templates, Themes, Website Templates

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, Gutenberg in GREYD.SUITE, Customizer, Multisite Connector

Import & Export

How Do I Import / Export Content Between Websites?

GREYD.SUITE offers you an extremely powerful import & export feature to move any post type (e.g. pages, templates, forms, popups, posts, etc.) between websites. Watch this video to see how it works.

Covered topics
Import, export, post types, forms, pages, posts, popups, nested content, links & menus

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Global Content

How Can I Publish Content on Several Websites?

Let us show you how to make your WordPress multisite a headless CMS to publish content from one website automatically on several sites.

Covered topics
Multisite, several websites, headless CMS, linked content, static content, import, export, content hub, delete global contents, connect websites, convert pages / forms / popups / templates / post types to global content

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Search & Replace

How Can I Find & Replace Content on my Entire Website?

We like to show you how to automatically find & replace media, posts, categories, tags forms and other content on your website. With Search & Replace in GREYD.SUITE, this is quick and easy.

Covered topics
Media & files, replace content, posts, tags, templates, forms, popups

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