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GREYD.Forms is a form generator for WordPress that is natively integrated in GREYD.SUITE and makes it very easy to create professional forms. From a simple contact form to multistep forms with double opt-in and CRM interface everything is possible.

Contact Form with DOI

How Do I Create a Contact Form?

In this video, we are going to show you which widgets you can use to create a simple contact form. You´ll also learn how to set up e-mail notifications and integrate double opt-in for GDPR compliant forms.

Covered topics
Input field, checkbox, GDPR, settings, emails, admin email, user email, confirmation email, authentication, mandatory, required, insert a from, design a form, follow-up actions, thank you page, message DOI, double opt-in, create form, GREYD Editor Helper

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Manage & Evaluate Form Entries

Which Information can I Find on Form Entries in the Backend?

The GREYD.Forms backend shows you all form entries incl. status. You will also find details statistics to analyze your forms without an analytics tool and, of course, GDPR-compliant. This video also shows you how to delete form entries automatically.

Covered topics
Forms, tracking, analytics, manage entries, delete entries, statistics, stats, status, meta data, automatic deletion, evaluate interactions, conversion rate, meta data

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Data Protection, Security, SMTP & Interfaces

What are the Central Settings in GREYD.Forms?

Learn how to deposit a general privacy text for your forms and how to protect them against bots & malware. The video also shows you how to prevent your form mails from ending up in the spam folder and how to connect GREYD.Forms with your tools.

Covered topics
Forms, SMTP, Honeypot Spam Protection, Interfaces, Google ReCaptcha, Security, Input Lengths, Privacy Text

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Name, Phone Number, Address

How Do I Use Input Fields?

Input fields are used wherever you want the user to enter something. In this video, we will show you how to set up fields for name, address or other inputs and which settings you can make.

Covered topics
Input field, name, address, multi line, autofill, placeholder, tooltip, minimum value, maximum value

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Checkbox Block

How Do I Design Checkboxes?

A checkbox can be used to accept terms & conditions or privacy regulations, but also to select options. Our checkbox tutorial shows you everything you need to know about GREYD.Forms’ checkbox widget.

Covered topics
Checkbox, privacy, terms & conditions, radio buttons, iOS switch, mandatory, required, selection

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Radio Buttons Block

How Do I Use Radio Buttons?

Similar to checkboxes, radio buttons are used to make a user select one of several options. Learn here how to use radio buttons.

Covered topics
Checkbox, radio buttons, iOS switch, selection, options, list, multiselect

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Upload Block

How Do I Use Upload Fields?

You want your user to upload a file to your form? No problem! Learn here which options GREYD.Forms offers to easily integrate an upload field.

Covered topics
Upload, file upload, file type, format, file size

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Image Panel Block

How Do I Use Image Panels?

Bildkacheln sind eine tolle Möglichkeit, um dein Formular Image panels are a very good way to make your form more stylish. Instead of simple selection fields, show your user clickable image panels.

This tutorial shows you the abundant, yet simple settings of the image panel block.

Covered topics
Image panel, hover, selection, options, design, background, conversion

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Conditional Container

How Can I Make Fields Dependent From Each Other?

The conditional container block allows you to create dependencies between fields. Define, which fields should open after the user has chosen option A or B. Decide, if certain questions should be skipped depending on the user's entries.

Learn here, how easy it is to create dependencies in GREYD.Forms.

EnthaltenCovered topics
Condition, dependency, correlation, interactive, customize forms, properties, reference field

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Multistep Form

How Do I Create a Multi Level Form?

Especially for longer forms it may be useful to build your form with several steps. Through next/back buttons users can navigate between the levels of your forms.

Learn here how to easily create a multistep form with GREYD.Forms.

Covered topics
Multi level, multistep, several steps, interactive, back, next, content section, progress bar

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How So I Build Individual Popups?

With GREYD.Popups you can build any popup you can imagine and implement it on your website. This tutorial video shows you how to work with triggers, animations and conditions and shows you how easy it is to design and layout your popup.

Covered topics
Popups, popup design & layout, position, trigger, conditions, rules, exit intent, page overlay, priority, individual URL per popup, tracking, analytics, animations, inactivity, button popup, user-dependent, browser, device, mobile responsive, GREYD Editor Helper

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can't find your question? No problem? Write us here:

Die E-Mail-Adresse sollte ein ‘@’-Zeichen und eine gültige Domain mit einem Punkt enthalten.
Die Telefonnummer darf nur aus Zahlen und folgenden Zeichen bestehen: + ( ) – /

Where can I find the form ID?

To use the form ID for example in the conditional content block, just open the respective form. You will now find the form ID in the URL: “post=0123456“.

My video popup is not displayed correctly.

Please check the width settings of your popup. If you have activated the “automatic” option, there might be problems with videos since they have no pre-defined width. As soon as you enter a specific width value, your pop-up should be displayed correctly.

My newsletter list doesn’t appear?

When creating a new list in your CRM or newsletter tool to connect it with one of your GREYD.Forms forms, please make sure it also loads correctly in GREYD.Forms. Therefore, go to the forms settings, refresh your lists in the CRM / newsletter settings and click on “save”. Your new list should now appear in your forms interface settings.

How many forms can I create?

There are no limitations in GREYD.SUITE. You can create and publish as many forms as you like.

The forms block does not show my form.

A form appears in the dropdown selection of the forms block as soon as it is published. If you only clicked on “Save”, you won’t be able to insert your form in a page. If your published form is not shown, please reload your page and try again.

No default privacy text is displayed.

Please make sure that you have entered a default privacy text in the general form settings on the left under Forms > Settings. Here, you can also directly link to your privacy page.

Where do I find the opt-in and opt-out link?

If you activate the double opt-in procedure in the email settings of your form, an opt-in link will automatically be sent in the verification email. You can also add the opt-in link manually by copying the dynamic element [opt_in_link] from the left and add it to your email text. According to the same principle, you can also add an opt-out link to the confirmation email. Depending on the current status of a form entry, you will also find the links under Forms > Settings to copy and resend them when clicking on a particular form entry.