25. October 2021

The editor often crashes?

Currently, the new Gutenberg editor by WordPress now and then crashes and/or displays errors. In mo […]
25. October 2021

Why can't I edit some images in the editor?

Please note, that the native WordPress and Gutenberg editor features do not always work for all ima […]
25. October 2021

Since installing GREYD.SUITE I can't log in to my website anymore?

When setting up GREYD.SUITE, the wizard recommends you several plugins, among others the security p […]
2. September 2021

My video popup is not displayed correctly.

Please check the width settings of your popup. If you have activated the "automatic" option, there m […]
2. September 2021

Mein Video Pop-up wird nicht richtig dargestellt.

Bitte überprüfe die Breite-Einstellungen deines Pop-ups. Hast du die Breite auf "automatisch" einges […]
8. July 2021

Why do I always get 404 / 403 errors when editing my website?

These types of error messages can have different causes. However, if these errors occur very often w […]
8. July 2021

Warum bekomme ich ständig 403/404 Fehler beim Bearbeiten meiner Seite?

Derartige Fehlermeldung können verschiedene Ursachen haben. Tritt der Fehler aber sehr häufig bei "n […]
30. June 2021

Why is my background image not visible?

Blocks like content boxes or columns do not have a default height. The height is defined automatical […]
30. June 2021

Warum wird mein Hintergrundbild nicht angezeigt?

Elemente wie Contentboxen oder Spalten haben per se keine Höhe definiert. Diese ergibt sich automati […]
13. April 2021

The GREYD.Hub import doesn't work?

Depending on which web browser you use, there are a few things you should have in mind: Some browser […]