23. March 2022

Do I get a seperate license for each website in the subscription?

You receive one license key that you can use for all your websites. In your account you can see on […]
25. October 2021

Why can't I edit some images in the editor?

Please note, that the native WordPress and Gutenberg editor features do not always work for all ima […]
25. October 2021

Since installing GREYD.SUITE I can't log in to my website anymore?

When setting up GREYD.SUITE, the wizard recommends you several plugins, among others the security p […]
8. July 2021

Why do I always get 404 / 403 errors when editing my website?

These types of error messages can have different causes. However, if these errors occur very often w […]
2. March 2021

Can I link to anchors on another page?

Of course you can! Just set a link to the respective page and add /#anchor name to the URL.
31. August 2020

An error message appears when installing GREYD.SUITE.

The following error message might appear when installing GREYD.SUITE: The PHP settings of your serve […]
7. May 2020

How can I reset the default content?

If you have deleted default content (e.g. pages, forms, templates, posts, menus, media), open the re […]
7. May 2020

Can I delete the default content at once?

Yes, if you would like to delete the default content (pages, forms, templates, media, posts, menus), […]
6. May 2020

How can I use child themes?

GREYD.SUITE enables you to work with child themes as usual. Just make sure that your child theme's n […]
14. April 2020

Do I have to use the wizard?

No, you can also start by making your design and basic settings manually without the wizard. However […]