14. July 2022

How can I make the parent element of a dropdown menu clickable?

By default, WordPress blocks the option to add a link when a menu item functions as a dropdown pare […]
6. May 2020

How can I control the breakpoint for the header to switch to its mobile variant?

Many navigation widgets offer you the possibility to only show them on desktop or mobile screens. Th […]
14. April 2020

Why should I start with the Customizer settings?

GREYD.SUITES allows you to manage your website design and content independently from each other. For […]
14. April 2020

Why can't I see the Customizer and GREYD.Hub?

Please check your WordPress user role. You can only use the Customizer as an administrator and need […]
14. April 2020

Which format do I need for the logo?

We recommend to use formats such as .svg or .png for the website logo. However, .jpg is also possib […]
14. April 2020

Can the website title be translated?

Yes, when you are using translation plugins, e.g. WPML, you can also translate the website title. Ho […]
14. April 2020

Why are my changes to the footer template not applied?

Please check your Customizer settings under Navigation > Footer. There, you can define whether to […]
14. April 2020

Can I deposit fall-back fonts?

Yes, in case a font cannot be loaded, you can define several alternatives as a fall-back. "Websave F […]
14. April 2020

I need more variants than offered in the Customizer.

In the Customizer you can set several variants for colors, fonts, buttons, links, form fields, etc. […]
14. April 2020

Can I export my Customizer settings?

Yes, all settings made in the Customizer can be exported and imported onto other websites very easil […]