14. July 2022

How can I make the parent element of a dropdown menu clickable?

By default, WordPress blocks the option to add a link when a menu item functions as a dropdown pare […]
30. March 2021

Why can't I find my Post Type in the search module?

To integrate Dynamic Post Types in frontend searches, you must activate the corresponding function i […]
19. March 2021

My post type is not displayed anymore?

Did you change the name of your post type or other important elements such as categories or tags aft […]
4. May 2020

Why can't I see and fill certain elements of my Dynamic Template?

Please make sure to give a unique name to each element, also when copying elements in a template. If […]
4. May 2020

Can I change a template later even when the content has already been entered?

Yes, you can change your template without loosing your content. Just take care that the elements in […]
14. April 2020

Why are my changes to the footer template not applied?

Please check your Customizer settings under Navigation > Footer. There, you can define whether to […]