27. September 2022

Where can I find the form ID?

To use the form ID for example in the conditional content block, just open the respective form. You […]
30. June 2021

Why is my background image not visible?

Blocks like content boxes or columns do not have a default height. The height is defined automatical […]
30. March 2021

Why does my frontend search not show all posts?

By default, WordPress only searches the title and content of posts. If you have Dynamic Post Types w […]
30. March 2021

Why can't I find my Post Type in the search module?

To integrate Dynamic Post Types in frontend searches, you must activate the corresponding function i […]
14. April 2020

Why do my content boxes have different heights?

Please check in your content box settings whether you have entered the correct minimum height for e […]
14. April 2020

Why does my content box have no padding?

The space between the border and content of a content box can be controlled via the padding. The pa […]